Monday, 2 March 2009

My plans

And so I am at the start of a new phase in my life. I think my contract has finally expired (although work are yet to confirm this). I'm still keen to make lemonade with the lemons I've received lately. I see now that my recipe is going to be different to how I had originally planned, ie start a new, permanent job immediately; the recession has put paid to that. So, instead, I am going to take some time out, have a break, and accomplish some of the things I've never had, or made, time for recently. Oh, and I'm going to feel good about it and not let my situation (or others' perception of it) get me down.

During the next few weeks, I am going to:
  • read books
  • finish the jigsaw puzzle I started a couple of months ago
  • work on my cross-stitch embroidery
  • start a knitting project
  • practise the ukulele
  • play the piano more frequently
  • put some work into starting my new band
  • enjoy the sunshine on every day that the sun is out
  • go for more walks and bike rides, weather permitting
  • go and see movies, art exhibitions, and other events that I did not have time for before
  • make contact and get together with family and friends I may not have made time for recently
  • try out some new recipes and have a go at decorating fancy cupcakes (I have a cool recipe book and cupcake decorating kit which I haven't even tried yet!)
  • organise, purge, and sort my 'stuff': clothes, resources, recipes, music etc
  • rebuild my 5000+ lost songs in iTunes
  • work towards some of my 101 goals - the ones that involve time, and not necessarily money.
Career-wise, I am going to:
  • be prepared for whatever happens or may not happen
  • look for opportunities both within my chosen profession and outside of it
  • be confident and believe in my skills, knowledge and experience
  • be open-minded about what my next step will be.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I am certainly wishing you luck. I have been thinking about doing the same thing because it's almost the same situation for me. The recession is putting a damper on my job hunting and I've got stuff I want to do too. From the looks of things that you have, you're going to make a lot of great lemonade from the lemons! Keep your head up and good luck with everything!

miss h said...

oh man i love dong jigsaw puzzles. for some reason, i find them super relaxing!

good luck getting everything done!

Sab said...

Good luck on all those projects! They sound like some fun! i really want to start reading abain, and maybe get going on my 101 again too. It's been too long.

Sounds like some great lemonade!

kimz said...

very good luck for the best lemonade ever. :D