Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I loved jigsaw puzzles as a child. I found puzzles to be a great form of relaxation. I was happy to do some puzzles over and over again; for me, my motivation wasn't so much about the completed picture, but the process of placing pieces and solving a puzzle. Apart from for teaching purposes, it's been years since I've sat down and solved a jigsaw puzzle for myself, so that's how it became one of my 101 goals: #71 - Do a jigsaw puzzle.

A few months ago, I was loaned a wasgij puzzle. Yep, a jigsaw puzzle but backwards. This is what the box looks like:

Here are a couple of clues. That's right; the puzzle you're trying to complete is not pictured on the box. It's the scene that one of the characters sees, and that scene is behind you.

I debated whether to post a picture of the completed puzzle here, but figured that the likelihood of someone using it to cheat on the very same puzzle was quite slim. So here's my completed wasgij (no cheating!):

Hours (days/weeks) of fun, and there are a whole series of wasgij puzzles. Not for the impatient! ;-)


Donna said...

That looks like fun

Kellee said...

Ooooh I did a Wasgij a couple of years ago :) they're fantastic!! Makes me want to go out & get another one.

SkylarKD said...

That's such a cool idea!!

Jigsaw Puzzles said...

There's nothing more fun than doing a Wasgij. Purely because you don't know what to expect.