Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Relaxation massage

Today, I carried out a goal I was really looking forward to: #42 - Have a massage. After my relaxation massage course a few weeks ago, I was keen to get back onto the table for myself.

For Valentine's Day, my sweetie gave me a voucher for a relaxation massage. He shopped around and decided that nourishe was the place for me; he was right. Deborah performs miracles; she quickly figured out where the tension was in my body and worked to release it. I was tempted to stop and ask her a couple of times how she was doing certain things (which I didn't recognise from my course), but I was in such a state of bliss that I didn't want to move or even speak. I will definitely be back sometime in the future.



Sab said...

ok, now I'm jealous! I've just gotta go do that item on my 101 list too!

Donna said...

I'm jealous too! I need one of those so bad

Anonymous said...

My shoulders are as stiff as a coat hanger! A massage would be nice, but a reasonable substitute at the end of the day is Andrew Johnson's Relaxation MP3, which I see you can now download for free.

Kelly said...

Ooooooo sounds blissful!

We were getting weekly 15 min massages at work until a week ago. Damn recession cost cutting has meant it's been scrapped and my neck and shoulders are already paying the price.

Von Andalora said...

Wow, that's probably the best gift a guy can give to a tired, special someone! I hope I can get one of those from my dear sometime soon, as well.