Monday, 10 January 2011

Back to work blues

It's the start of a new work year for me. I'd imagine many others who are starting their drift back from the summer holidays back into the working world are feeling like I am today. Perhaps it was a coincidence that I slept really badly last night, frequently waking up to check the clock with the one eye I could manage to prise open, all the while tossing and turning and thinking, "I have to get up in 5/3/2/1 hours"?

Being the start of a new work year, I thought I'd spend some time clearing my emails (I didn't expect many - after all, others have been on leave, too), catching up on some reading from my RSS feeds, then start attacking the long list of jobs I left myself as I sailed out the door at lunchtime on Christmas Eve. Having had a two-week break, I should be refreshed and eager to pick up where I left off, completing jobs in half the time (due to my renewed energy) etc ... yeah, right!

I said, "hello, how was your holiday?" a few times. I saw that I'd left my desk in a relatively tidy state, so that didn't need much doing to it. It took me less than half an hour to delete 16 emails. I read a few blog posts. I looked at the time: 9:06 am. I'd been at work for little more than an hour and was already bored but still hopeful that motivation might walk in the door at any stage and point me in the direction of my list of jobs to do. It's now lunch time and there's still no sign of it showing up. Twitter confirms my suspicions; nobody else seems to be on task today either.

As an aside, I can't decide whether it's completely random or meaningful that I've had this earworm stuck in my head for much of the morning:

How about you? Are you back at work or are you still enjoying the last of your break? Or, did you work through like my sweetie had to? Survival tips welcome.


Alli said...

Yep, we're diving into classes headfirst tomorrow morning! I think I'm ready for it only because I've gotten to be obscenely lazy over winter break. I'm ready to get involved again. Just had a meeting tonight with my volunteer organization and I'm about ready to get back on the wagon.... I'll probably be singing a different tune by this time tomorrow.

Hope work starts picking up the pace for you soon!

Kelly said...

I worked through so the good people of Hamilton could still get their library books out. Selfless aren't I?? :P :P :P

That said, when you are languishing at your desk in mid February, I will be laughing manically as I enjoy some (much needed) leave time.

I hope your day improved after lunch!

Donna said...

We didn't have much of a break. a 4 day holiday here and a 3 1/2 day holiday there. I've got so much work to do it's not funny, but doing it is another matter! I feel your pain there!

Kimbirdy said...

i am currently unemployed, but desperately looking for a job. gotta pay those bills, you know? as much as i want a job, i know i'll end up missing these days of freedom. the grass is always greener on the other side! :) i hope you find some ways to make work more fun!