Sunday, 16 January 2011

Water fight!

Given that we live half a block from the beach we rarely visit (perhaps once a year, if we're lucky), it would seem ironic that we have just come back from a weekend with friends involving a two hour drive to reach our destination, another beach. Himatangi Beach is the location for an annual weekend away with friends from Wellington during summer each year. Previous trips have involved plenty of relaxation and a thwarted attempt at a bonfire. With a somewhat diminished group this year (14 instead of the usual 40ish) and a total fire ban, we had to come up with another form of entertainment. Bring on the water fight!

Water guns of all sizes were dug out and purchased in anticipation of the big event. A few got carried away planning the ultimate water fight strategy and water balloons were also bought, but most of us settled on one really big gun each. 4.30 arrived and the battle began.

Apparently we were meant to have been divided into two teams. Those who were aware of the teams kept quiet and the rest of us just fired furiously at any human target we could reach; it seemed to work just fine. Then, we realised a couple of people were noticeably dryer than the rest of us, who were already totally drenched. Something would have to be done about that.

After an hour or so, the troops were tiring and thoroughly drenched but we had acquired quite a group of spectators. Little kids from surrounding cabins and big kids (their dads) were searching around the campsite for tools to join in the fight. Some emerged with water bottles before a few of us nobly handed over our guns for them to play with. We ended up trying to avoid being shot by our own guns as a second battle took over from the original one. Amazing fun!

We had originally intended regifting one of our monster water guns to my sweetie's nephew for his sixth birthday this week. After this weekend, I suspect he may be out of luck. Both our guns are going into storage before the next big battle, probably when we go away again next year but hopefully sooner. Bring it on!


Alli said...

Sounds like an awesome time! I can imagine I'd be exhausted after these sort of events. :) Glad it was so much fun!

Kez said...

Awesome!! There is nothing like letting your inner child out to play once in a while - those are the best memories :)

merinz said...

And the parents may not have thanked you for his present!

Great fun! And the weather to encourage it.

Donna said...

This sounds like so much fun! And it reminds me that it's on my list to have a water balloon fight this year!

Anonymous said...

i think it is good for the soul to act like a child every once in a while! fun times!