Friday, 14 January 2011

Musical quiz

This morning on the Blog on the Tracks blog, Simon Sweetman posted a Welcome to 2011 reader questionnaire. I started drafting some responses then came back to it later at several stages through the day. This is my last piece of 'work' for the day before going away for the weekend. Here goes!

1. What do you consider to be the greatest record released in your lifetime?
Probably Thriller by Michael Jackson.

2. Name one band you were sure you'd always hate but as time has gone on has got better and better - become one of your favourites.
Well, if Simon is allowed to say The Carpenters (good choice - but not entirely perfect), then I'd add KC and the Sunshine Band. So cheesy, so cliched, so disco, sooooooo good.

3. Are you or were you ever a Chris Isaak fan?
Not even remotely. He is the Coldplay of the 90s. *shudder*

4. What was the first international live act you saw?
The Jeff Healey Band, 1991, St James Theatre in Wellington. Blew. Me Away. I was instantly hooked on the live concert experience.

5. If you could own one rare gem of a song on an original 45, what would it be?
In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley. Pure magic in the most haunting kind of way.

6. Do you have any signed memorabilia that you are particularly proud of? (Maybe you're proud of the story behind it or just because of what it is that you have signed.)
None, except maybe an ancient poster of Al Pitrelli signed at a guitar clinic he held at the James Cabaret circa 1992. Memorabilia like this just doesn't float my boat.

7. Who is your favourite guitarist who never seems to make it on to Best Guitarists lists?
This really got me thinking. I'll freely admit I'm stumped - when I think of 'best guitarists', everyone who comes to mind would easily make it onto The List. I might come back to this one.

8. If you had to name one song - possibly even of guilty-pleasure status - that you think is a masterpiece and others need to hear, what would you pick?
Sooooo many to choose from. A quick skim through my iPod and my pick (for today) is Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

9. Who do you think is New Zealand music's greatest songwriter?
Probably Dave Dobbyn a la DD Smash era. I trawled YouTube but couldn't find a link to my favourite song of his, Magic (What She Do) from back in 1985.

10. What is your favourite TV theme music? And what is your favourite movie theme?
Undoubtedly, The Muppet Show followed by Hill Street Blues for TV.

I don't know if I have a particular favourite movie theme but I'm a fan of John Williams' scores. Perhaps it's because I'm a child of the 80s but I have a soft spot for the flying theme from E.T. (1982).

Your turn?

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