Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Daily quiz

I enjoy trivia quizzes of all types. I have a reasonably photographic memory (admittedly it's fading these days) and a knack for retrieving minutiae or trivia that others just wouldn't bother with.

Each morning, I'm ready to start my work day once I've finished the Stuff daily trivia quiz. My results usually vary between a pitiful 6/15 (today) and occasionally reaching up to around 13/15. I've yet to hit the jackpot of 15/15 but there's always tomorrow ...

On occasion, I have been part of pub quiz teams. They attract an eclectic bunch of people with a huge range of specialist trivia topics encompassing all sorts of unimportant facts. While music is usually, naturally, my forte, I also seem to have a pretty good recall of trivia involving science I learned at school. This is strange as I haven't studied science for about 20 years and am not particularly scientifically-inclined but it just goes to show that we don't realise what we have stored away in the depth of our minds from years ago 'just in case'. Our teams sometimes win great prizes but most of the time we're just out to have some fun and feel smug about our collective knowledge. ;-)

A colleague at work has set up a 3 o'clock quiz, where whoever is available gets together to do the 5 minute quiz from the Capital Day section of The Dominion Post. It's a great few minutes out of our day and a good way to bring people together and create another body of eclectic, but ultimately useless, knowledge. It's also a signal to us that our working day is reaching the end!

Are you a quiz fan or phobe?


Alli said...

I like them... to an extent. All I can think of is Trivial Pursuit and usually there are enough questions I can't answer and I just get frustrated.

However, I do like brain teasers. My memory is nothing strong but I'm usually decent at figuring out puzzles. I do like little quizzes in the Newspaper though.

It's nice that you and your colleagues can get together during the day to do this. It seems like a great way to set aside just a few minutes for some fun in your day!

Kez said...

I think quizzes are a bit of a laugh with friends. I've never been much of a trivia nerd but I do store a lot of useless information. We tried a pub quiz before Christmas and our team came last but it was so much fun! My hubby wants a new team haha

Kiwi Cakes said...

I love quizzes, we'd be th eperfect match, as I can do EVERYTHING except music & movies, which my hubby does well at. I just did the quiz today 9& will do from now on) got 12/15, not bad. I didn't know the greek god of dreams, nor did I know a rat could go without water longer than a camel.