Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Breakfast at sunrise

Yesterday was the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, and the summer solstice. Today, summer well and truly arrived. It is the perfect summer's day today: warm, sunny, clear sky, with the gentlest breeze. I love the time around dawn, when the promise of a new day breaks and all is quiet and calm while the world is bathed in glorious colours. Unfortunately, I'm not a morning person, and thankfully neither is my sweetie, so I don't often get to experience these moments.

This morning, my sweetie and I woke up at 5am, packed up a picnic breakfast, and drove across town to watch the sunrise. Wellington is special in that you can see the sun both rise and set over water, and only a ten minute drive away from each other. We knew we had to be there by around 5.45am to catch the sun coming up over the south coast. Today's goal had a bit more significance, though, and I had someone special to complete it with: #35 - Watch the sun rise.

We were celebrating watching the sunrise (kind of) exactly one year ago, except last year we didn't get up early for it. Instead, we hadn't made it home from a Christmas party the night before. Let's just say that Santa was good to me in 207 and I got the best present for Christmas: my sweetie!

I was very spoilt (again) this morning; these were hiding in my sweetie's car overnight:

I have now finished work for the year. I have a project to complete once someone sends me the content, and will potter away at it gradually, but I am looking forward to the next 2 1/2 weeks like you wouldn't believe. I went to the library this afternoon and am now armed and ready for the holidays. We are going out for dinner tonight. Life is good.

Happy anniversary, sweetie. xxx ooo


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! What a lovely way to start your day off, seeing the sun rise AND getting flowers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The flowers are beautiful! It's so neat when you are able to do something special like you did for such a wonderful occassion! Congrats!

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Angela!

Happy Anniversary - what an appropriate time to celebrate such an event.

I wish you many Wellington mornings to enjoy life with.

An Hour Before Noon

Shafts of white sunshine through cool dewy mist,
Crystal-bright droplets the sunbeams had kissed,
Fantails' quiet chatter to greet every ray,
A tui's soft clatter to beckon the day;
Not one frond in motion, no twig disturbed
Till an hour before noon found the stillness perturbed,
Like a wicked enchantment hastily cast,
A blustery buffeting billowy blast
Tore groundsel and hebe and taupata hedge
Empowering the eddies to twine leaf and sedge;
Neither flutter of bird nor quiver of bees
Caused the mischievous rustling in bushes and trees,
Nor a taniwha's breath nor taipo's wheeze,
Just the hustle and bustle of Wellington's breeze.

Best wishes
from Middle-earth

Random Thoughts said...

Happy Anniversary! How fantastic to be able to watch the sun rise and set over water! The opposite end of the earth had the darkest day of the year. Now each and every day will grow lighter longer until our summer solstice!

Sab said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Sounds like such a lovely time, watching the sunrise...