Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas roundup

So, the big day has come and gone, and summer remains here in Wellington. (Well, perhaps not all of today, but we had summer yesterday and it was great!) It has been a busy few days and nights.

This morning, my sweetie and I were talking about New Year's resolutions; neither of us make them. One reason why I started the 101 goals in 1001 days project is that I believe one can make changes in their life at any time. I also like the time frame of 1001 days; long enough to achieve some medium term goals, enjoy some short term goals, and also start working towards some long term goals at the same time. So, here is a quick roundup of the past few days:
  • I got my purple ukelele and am now on my way to goal #92. It has already had the desired effect; everyone who has picked up my ukulele has done so with a smile on their face. I've managed to retrieve the four guitar chords I learned about 12 years ago and translate them to the ukulele. I'm nearly ready to start my orchestra! ;-)

  • My sweetie bought me a double Mexican hammock for Christmas. He has put it up in his backyard between the garage and house and I spent an hour yesterday lying in the sun reading a book. Absolute bliss.

  • I made two batches of chocolate brownies and they both went down a treat. Yum!

  • I was running late with my Christmas baking, so my sweetie ended up making the mini Christmas puddings to take to our friend's on Christmas Eve. He certainly knows how to impress a crowd!

  • I now have a big pile of books to read over summer, after a library visit on Christmas Eve, a Christmas present, and borrowing a few more from my sweetie's family. I have only just managed to scrape by with goal #1 this year; hopefully the summer holidays will help get me back on track.

  • Despite all her planning and preparation for my nephew's first Christmas, including cooking up a storm, Mum unfortunately missed it due to a terrible stomach bug. She was sent home from work on Christmas Eve, staying there for a few days and unable to eat or drink. My brother and I now both have the same bug and it is NASTY! I haven't managed to get up at all today except to be sick. :-(

  • The Boxing Day sales were crazy beyond belief! Not a shopper, my sweetie and I were amazed at the crowds which had gathered at the shops - busier than before Christmas, even! Admittedly, we also joined them briefly, but were home as soon as we could after buying my bike (see below). So much for a recession ...

  • Instead of just riding a bike (#94), I went one better and bought one. I got an amazing deal from Super Cheap Auto - a brand new bike with disc brakes and suspension for $NZ169. Knowing that there was limited stock at each store, we were the first customers there on Boxing Day. All that remains now is to find a purple helmet (yes, it does need to be purple) and I'll be able to start riding daily. Well, that's the theory ...

  • There is talk of having Christmas next year with family on the Chatham Islands. We'll see ...

  • Goal #48 - see all of the above. There are many things I have to be happy and thankful for (apart from being sick), and I am!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I hope you get better soon!

Kellee said...

The hammock sounds divine :)

Just what you need to power through all the books to be read over the summer!