Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas lights

I have just got home and noticed my neighbour's house. Every year, they are one of a few houses in the area who really go to town with decorating their home at Christmas. Christmas lights are growing in popularity here, but are not as big a tradition as other countries. I loved the streets full of beautiful lights when I was in the US just after Christmas several years ago. A few local families decorate their houses each year, and some have donation boxes collecting for local charities. A family friend put out a donation box a few years back and was surprised to find hundreds of dollars of donations building up during December; the wonderful thing is that anyone could have helped themselves to the money sitting there, but no-one did.

I took a quick photo using my mobile phone, but it doesn't really do the house justice. Still, I think it's pwetty and might go for a drive to other streets where I know the houses are lit up.

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