Monday, 8 December 2008

Famous failures

I know this is not a very positive title, but I came across this video today. I'm feeling a bit like I'm on the cusp on this, although I'm not pretending in any way that my current predicament is on the same scale.

The byline reads: "Don't be put off achieving your destiny, even if you have experienced failure in your life. This video mentions well known people who had failed, but kept pressing on until they became successful." I know I'm not 'failing'; I have actually achieved quite a lot and enjoyed many successes in my career. It's just good to be reminded that others have also faced challenges, but still successfully navigated them.

Famous failures


Kelly said...

That's a very inspiring video clip!

*Chin up old chap, wonderful things for you are just around the corner I'm sure*

Random Thoughts said...

fantastic uplifting video. I guess I will keep trudging through the daily grind to get to my success!