Monday, 22 December 2008

Jumping in puddles

We had another great weekend away. This time, it coincided with my sweetie's final motorsport event for the year. We left in the race car on Saturday afternoon and stayed with friends of his in Marton. (Yes, Marton.) They bought a lifestyle block a few months ago, with plans of renovating the house, planting a vege garden, and raising some cattle. We were introduced to their ten calves, hand-raised from four days old and four of whom had names, therefore probably won't be destined for their freezer. Ahh, country life.

Sunday morning and we were up early(ish), heading to Feilding(!) for the first of the day's events to begin. I know what you're thinking: how could we handle the excitement of two small rural towns in one weekend? ;-)

Both events were held at Manfeild, on different sides of the park. The first was an autocross, which coincided with the rain that threatened overnight. And so it rained. And got sloshy and wet for a bit. At least it was relatively warm and not too windy.

In the afternoon, the event moved to the track on the other side of the park. That's when the sun started coming out sporadically. When the rain finally went away, it left some huge puddles that were begging to be jumped in and sloshed through. How could anyone resist a sight like this? And what better way to let loose the inner child in us all?

And so I did it: #33 - Jump in a puddle. I also sloshed, skimmed, and stomped a bit for good measure. Next time I'll wear gumboots and make a bigger job of it. Running jumps, here I come! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like you had fun at least!!! I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Kelly said...

Ah so many memories of both Marton and Feilding - I grew up in the Manawatu and Marton is where my furrbaby Guntha came from! I lived in Feilding for nearly two years as well and my beloved and I return there quite often as he races go-karts at Manfield.

Next time you are in Feilding I highly recommend Sage cafe - good coffee and to-die-for date scones!

Sab said...

Oh, I love some small town fun! SOunds like you had a great time!

I won't be able to hit the puddles till May...