Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Wandering down (video) memory lane

I'm not a big tv/video/movie fan. My idea of an ongoing nightmare would be being made to watch episodes of Funniest Home Videos, or the cutesy-pie videos which get emailed to me by my aunt. Still, here are a couple that I do like and have on my hard drive. I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully make you smile. :-)

(And, before anyone asks, I don't have copyright or permission to use them ... but I'm not claiming them as my own either.)

How Italians tell the time

Sooooo very southern Italian. I love it!

Greek construction workers

This one came out in the lead-up to the Athens Olympic Games, when there were concerns that the stadium might not be finished in time.

IT history

This one is for anyone who has ever had to be in a training role, be it in ICT or another field, and have tried their best to remain patient even in the most frustrating circumstances!

Proof the Irish discovered Africa

These fellas dance better than a lot of people I know, and they come cheap, too - just $5 each and a bunch of bananas!

Enjoy :-)

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Random Thoughts said...

My BFF is a big fan of all sorts of primates. After watching that video, I had to find the you tube link to send to her. Thanks!