Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Retrospective mini-golf

I realised, as I was looking through my list of 101 goals, that I'd inadvertently completed one of the activities without realising it - several times, in fact! #27 - Play mini golf; I can retrospectively tick this off my list. Wow, if only some of the others were that simple.

While we were on holiday on the Gold Coast, we spent a morning playing mini golf at Putt Putt. It seems to be something we do while we're away; we've had fun on the mini golf courses in Nelson and Hanmer Springs, and keep meaning to play at one not far from home ... yet never quite make it there.

There are three courses at Putt Putt and we started out on the jungle trail. They have the cutest animal sculptures hidden in and around the course:

Next up, it was the waterways course, and finally the fun run, which was undergoing maintenance when we first arrived. The settings for each course are gorgeous and the grounds are really well maintained. It turns out I scored the bonus hole in one for the day, giving me a discount next time we play there, but that's unlikely given we live in New Zealand ...

And the result? That's not important. (OK, my sweetie won, and by quite a bit.) It's great fun in the sun.


Sab said...

Oh, that sounds like fun, and those sculptures look gorgeous!

Kelly said...

Oh, I am TERRIBLE at minigolf - but it's so much fun right??! Those courses sound much better than most in NZ too.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!!!!