Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas cheer

We are going to a birthday barbeque shortly. Being the festive season, I thought I'd have a go at making sweet Christmas puddings.

They are unbelievably easy to make. There is a recipe of sorts here, but basically you just melt some white chocolate, then stick in a jaffa and two spearmint leaves to make the shape of holly.

I'm not sure whether you can get mallowpuffs or jaffas outside of New Zealand or Australia, but there must be something similar you can use. I bought a whole bag of spearmint leaves (lollies) thinking I would use one for each holly leaf; I cut them in half, then half again, so now I have plenty left over to use again when we go out on Christmas Eve. Green jubes would also work. Yum!


Kelly said...

How awesome do they look?!?! And deliciously simple to make!

We have a bring a plate lunch in the office on Wednesday to celebrate our last paper of the year being done and dusted and editorial is responsible for bring the sweet stuff. I think I have just found what I am taking!

Kelly said...

I just made these for my work shared lunch tomorrow - and cut a massive chunk out of my ring finger on my right hand trying to crack the jaffas!

Mine also don't look half as cute as yours; I had to use green jelly beans for the leaves.

Café Chick said...

Oh dear, poor you!! To be honest, though, I didn't bother splitting the jaffas - I thought it looked like an impossible task, so each piece of holly had one berry and lots more chocolate to hold it in place. ;-)
And I'm sure they look fantastic! I've decided to have another go for a Christmas Eve party, but can assure you that the jaffas will remain whole. :-)