Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Dancing in the station

I saw this video on Tony Ryan's blog, Ripple Effects, this morning. Tony explains:
Antwerp Central Railway Station in Belgium on 23 March 2009. A recording of "Do Re Mi", sung by Julie Andrews, suddenly began playing over the public address system, and 200 people streamed out of the crowd and began dancing. They had practised twice. Pretty good effort for two rehearsals.
The Sound of Music (1959) is one of my all-time favourite musicals and movies (1965). I know every line and every musical piece, both from watching the movie repeatedly in my teens and also being in our school production of the musical. Somehow, for me, its appeal never dates. This dance is something I'd love to try but doubt I'll ever manage to do. The song wouldn't necessarily need to be something from The Sound of Music, so long as it was a well-known musical piece and, preferably, one which is capable of conjuring up nostalgia within the masses. A few ideas are popping into my head as I write this ...

Watch out Wellington!


Sab said...

That is too cool! Awesome! I've seen other things similar to this done, where people would just break into song in the middle of serving fries or something... so fun!

kavita said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

Sound of Music is my all time fav too....i kinda force my kids to watch it with me and they dont mind.Mary Poppins too is another fav. but not the way S.O.M. IS.


La'Tonya Richardson said...

OMG! I absolutely loved this movie from the very first time I saw it! My sister and I would watch it EVERY TIME it cam on, and reinact it for weeks after. Recently, it came on TV, and she recorded it for her kids for their movie night. It's a great one to pass along to your children. I might buy it for my children this weekend. Thanks for relighting the Sound of Music in me.

Arual said...

I love this makes you realize that as many bad horrible things there are in the world, there are people who can make a train station come together and dance :)