Monday, 29 June 2009

Mid-winter Christmas dinner

Mid-winter Christmas has just been and gone for us in the southern hemisphere. We decided to mark the occasion with friends by having a pot luck dinner. We had lots of yummy food and my sweetie made eggnog, which we hadn't tried before. I don't think he was supposed to add chocolate ice cream to it later on but no-one seemed to be complaining. I made Christmas cupcakes, which were vanilla flavoured with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with hand-made holly leaves.

Santa Claus also made a rare mid-year celebrity visit, along with the Christmas Fairy, to oversee our Secret Santa/Yankee swap - which brought plenty of laughs. I think Santa just enjoyed having lots of pretty girls (and guys!) sitting on his knee. ;-)

Our party gave me a great excuse for goal #80 - Decorate a room with fairy lights. Actually, I've hurt my back so my sweetie had to put the lights and other decorations up, but I'm sure it still counts. Obviously photos of the room didn't look very impressive, so you'll just have to take my word about how pretty the lights looked. :-)


Anonymous said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year! Our Christmas is still 6 months away though...we are having fun in the sun right now!

Sab said...

I love Christmas! We should do a Chrismas 1/2 year celebration too! That sounds like such fun!

Yeah, fairy lights don't work well in photos. Sad. Maybe with a special camera/settings... I want to look into that now(how weird am I)!

Julie said...

Christmas just once a year is more than I can manage!

Random Thoughts said...

I like winter (cold winter) Christmas. It was weird to read about warm weather and strawberry shortcake on DEC 25. Glad you enjoyed a mid year celebration. The cupcake looks yummy. I could go for one right now!