Monday, 15 June 2009

Hello, Mr Butterfly

As I approach one year in the 101 goals in 1001 days project, I realise that I've mostly been working on ongoing goals lately, ie goals which require multiple activities to complete. I have plans to achieve various other goals, and will update my progress once I reach the one year mark, but there is one goal which is almost completely spontaneous and would have been difficult to plan. I achieved it this morning! Goal #78 - Take a photo of a butterfly.

As I was out walking along the south coast of Wellington today, a butterfly flew in front of me and landed on a signpost, spreading his wings out in the sun. I stopped to admired it, then realised just what was in front of me; I carefully got out my phone camera, all the while hoping that this little creature would stick around long enough for me to line up a shot. He obliged, and I managed to take just one precious pic before a family with young children and a dog came trundling past and he was off to find his next resting place, or do whatever it is that butterflies do during the day. I don't even know what type of butterfly he is, but he has certainly made my day. :-)


Cleo said...

Pretty sure he's a Red Admiral. Great pic! :)

Jen said...

He's a beautiful butterfly! Nice shot!

Sab said...

He's so cute! I adore butterflies

PurestGreen said...

I love your list of goals. This is a good one, and a lovely photo. Thanks for visiting me on No Chickadees! Good luck completing all your goals. Eating raw food while having to look at photos of cupcakes is not easy, but I shall live. (sigh...)

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Of all the pleasure gardens bring,
The handsome pied Red Admiral
Must touch the zenith of the spring
With form and grace ephemeral;

To see these patterned wings full spread
In all but a fleeting glance,
Fine lace veil in feathered thread,
Enraptured eyes in trance

Will follow with a languid gaze
The soft hypnotic flutter,
Through the soporific haze,

Near honey scented bower,
Gliding with a liquid ease
Above the blood-red wallflower.