Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Averting a coffee disaster

We had an all-day work meeting in town today, with the out-of-towners flying into Wellington for the day. People arrived at different times, so us early-birds arranged to meet for coffee while we waited. I was shocked when my manager called to say he was at Mr Bun. (Food is average, but cheap; coffee - a dirty word.) Something had to be done. Mojo, on the corner of Taranaki and Wakefield Streets, to the rescue. Whew!

Determined to not let him make the same mistake again, I took everyone out to the Dixon St Deli for lunch. With close ties to the Brooklyn Café, the food here is amazing. A really appetising salad bar (no limp iceberg lettuce here!), filo pastries, baked goodies, and Supreme coffee (in name, and in taste). Even our vegetarians were happy!

With such a range of good coffee available, there's no need to ever face a coffee disaster in Wellington. So why do people choose anything less??

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