Monday, 14 April 2008

Liquorice, but without the liquorice

I love the look of liquorice allsorts. Those colourful, sweet slabs separating strips of deep black look really appealing. Deliciously tempting ... right? No, I'm not fooled by their outward appearance. Actually, it's the liquorice I hate. I've tried to like it and even kidded myself that I couldn't taste it that well if I concentrated on the sweet stuff wrapped around it, but it hasn't worked.

I love red liquorice, though. At certain times, I crave red liquorice like you wouldn't believe. While I rarely indulge, I've discovered something in recent months which could possibly threaten my restraint: red liquorice allsorts. Omg, could there be a more perfect food? (Apart from cheese, chocolate, or cashew nuts??)

Pascall have come up with the goods with their Fruit Allsorts. If I don't watch out, they could easily become my downfall. But, they're fruit, so they must be good for you ... right? ;-)

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