Sunday, 20 April 2008

Scavenger hunt

Today, we went on a scavenger hunt around the scenes and sites of Wellington. Organised by the fabulous D&D, it took us on photographic adventures from Kent Terrace to the Railway Station, everywhere in between, and a tiny bit beyond in the name of 'bonus points'. We started at Civic Square and had four hours to solve 50 clues before finding our way back to The Lanes, where our photos would be judged and the scores added up. The pressure was on.

I learnt stuff. Heaps. For example, the first "talking picture" shown in New Zealand was at the Paramount Theatre in Courtenay Place. The Wellington Railway Station is the busiest travel station in the country. John Plimmer is regarded as the "Father of Wellington", and King Dick is actually a lion at the Museum of Wellington: City and Sea.

Each team of 3 had a Wellingtonian and a digital camera. Modes of transport were limited to feet and city buses, but we managed it all on foot. Bonus points were awarded for having all team members in the photo, and certain venues slightly off the beaten track also did us well. Our carefully planned route along Wakefield St down to Kent Terrace, up Courtenay Place, through Cuba Mall, across to Willis Street, up Lambton Quay, then turning back at the Railway Station and heading along the waterfront was a winner. So was our team: first place by heaps of points. Huge smiles all round. Already looking forward to next year's one. :-D

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