Monday, 7 April 2008

Ultimate watermelons

One of the all-time most girlie movies ever, which has also stood the test of time in a certain generation's hearts, has got to be Dirty Dancing (1987). It has everything a girl wants. And what's not to like about it? A hunky lead, rebellious dancers, 1960s setting, 'coming-of-age' dramas, a scandalous affair, romantic water scenes, a killer soundtrack, the girl next door getting her daring man, and one of the 15 worst movie lines ever. Don't believe me? Try saying "I carried a watermelon" to anyone and you'll see what I mean. Dirty Dancing is the way to every girl's heart, and smart guys know this. I made my sweetie watch it a while back. He says it was boring, but I think secretly he liked it. Go on, admit it. It certainly scored him some brownie points. ;-)

So now to the soundtrack ... I love it. All of it. Even the bad bits. A huge range of music from the early 1960s along with some 80s tracks and a few random ballroom/Latin dance pieces thrown in. I've played "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" in bands for years, but strangely enough still love it. I've boogied away to the awesome version of "Do You Love Me?" (by The Contours), cringed to the horrendous singing on "Love is Strange" (Sylvia and Mickey), and sobbed along to the saddest song in the world, Solomon Burke's "Cry To Me". Haven't we all?

So come on, girls, join in ...
When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone

Ah, don't you feel like crying?

Don't you feel like crying?

Well here I am my honey

Oh, come on you cry to me...

Well, nothing could be sadder
than a glass of wine all alone
Loneliness, loneliness, it's such a waste of time ...

Yup, "no-one puts Baby in a corner".

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