Monday, 21 April 2008

Winter music

I love working from home for sooooo many reasons. One huge advantage is days like this: cold, windy, and occasional rain. Who’d want to go outside? Not me. So, I’m snuggled up inside with the fire and a yummy scented candle lit, working in the lounge with my laptop on my knee and my 10-week-old nephew asleep beside me.

There is certain music which I think matches particular seasons. For example, I have a playlist of summer music on my iPod. They’re songs that, as soon as you start listening to them, you can’t help but thinking and feeling like it’s summer. While I don’t have a winter playlist, there are certain albums that I realise I only listen to on days like this. Today, it’s Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance soundtrack. It may never have been intended to be winter music, but somehow it is for me.

Irish music doesn’t really do it for me. I appreciate how good their musicians are, but just can’t take it for too long in one spurt. I also never really got into the whole Riverdance phenomenon but, for some reason, Lord of the Dance really appealed to me. It’s dramatic, mostly instrumental (aids concentration while working!), and a great show of musicianship. The tap tracks are well mixed and give the impression of action without having to dominate each piece. Even though I'm a little foggy on the actual story, I can hear the good-vs-evil battle portrayed through the highs and lows of the music and instrumentation and rejoice in the celebration of good winning at the end. It certainly takes the listener on an emotional musical journey as well as being a wonderful dance showcase. *contented sigh*

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