Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Where everybody knows your name

I met a friend at my old coffee haunt today. I used to work around the corner from Café 93 and, while it's not quite like Cheers, there's something incredibly familiar and comforting about the place.

The coffee (Caffe L'Affare) is pretty consistent, although I prefer more froth on my cappuccino. Their scones, sandwiches, and other staples on the menu are always fresh. But it's the familiar service from their counter staff that brings smiles. For example, this scene:
Me: I'll have a trim hot chocolate, please.
(Counter boy [CB] serves me)
Friend: I'll have a latte.
CB: What?!
F: Oh, um, no. I'll have ... um ... isn't that what I usually have?
CB: No.
F: What do I have then?
CB: A flat white.
F: Oh, ok, I'll have one of them.
(Everyone else within earshot bursts out laughing)

Helen always did a great job of looking after us, especially late in the afternoon or when we had to work during weekends. I almost miss having a 'regular' haunt just around the corner from work but, when it comes down to it, I'd much rather keep working from home. Who wouldn't?

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