Saturday, 26 April 2008

King of the castle

It's my sweetie's birthday on Monday, so he got to be king of the castle yesterday. We stayed at The Keep, a little castle nestled between Houghton Bay and Island Bay. I'd stayed at The Lighthouse in Island Bay a long time ago and had driven past The Keep for several years, so it was great to be able to stay over at this other local attraction. He had no idea where we were going, despite repeated attempts to get it out of me these past few weeks, so I'm glad I could surprise him with somewhere he'd never heard of but I knew he'd like.

A fully-equipped B&B, The Keep is gorgeous; warm and cosy, with a lovely spa bath (unfortunately without enough hot water to heat all of it, but we made do with a lukewarm bath and a boiling jug :-P), and directly opposite the waves rushing in around Wellington's south coast. It pretty much had everything you'd need for a secluded night away from it all, except for a crossbow and a dungeon (or so my sweetie reckons).

Here's the view of Houghton Bay from the roof:
An awesome way to spend Anzac Day. :-)

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Heather said...

I remember seeing that castle thingie when hiking from Island Bay to Lyall Bay one time. I thought it was pretty awesome, but had no idea it was a B&B. I thought it was someone's very eccentric home.