Saturday, 19 April 2008

La Bella Italia

It's cold, windy, and sporadically wet in Wellington today. The perfect day to stay in bed with a book or on the phone, and that's what I did until midday. :-)

Time to get up. I met a friend for lunch at La Bella Italia. Italy is, indeed, beautiful and, owned by a family friend, here is an authentic taste of southern Italy right here in Petone. We wiled away the next four (yes, 4!) hours with good coffee, great food, and even better conversation. We shared great lasagne with pork and beef mince and the eternal 'special of the day', linguine with clams and cherry tomatoes. (Every time I go to La Bella, the announce today's special is linguine with clams ...) Dessert was a torte al limone (lemon torte). Bellissimo!

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