Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Release a book into the wild

I was working in Hamilton today and had to be at the airport at 6:15 am. Then we couldn't take off again from Hamilton tonight because the pilots had to check out a fault ... oh joy. :-( OK, enough with feeling sleep deprived, grumpy, and sorry for myself.

Yesterday, a colleague sent an email to our company saying:
This is an interesting idea - my son James found his first Bookcrossing book at a bus stop.
This url gives info...

It sparked a bit of conversation as some of us are Bookcrossers. It also reminded me of goal #91 - Release a book into the wild via So, I decided to do something about it.

I released The Pilot's Wife (1998) by Anita Shreve near Fuel Espresso at Wellington Airport. I figured it would be a (hopefully) busy spot which receives lots of foot traffic, and there's less chance of it being caught up with products from the book store in the main area.

The Pilot's Wife has had rave reviews and was featured on Oprah's Book Club. It was a huge bestseller, but I've got to be honest and say that it didn't really do much for me. Melodramatic, and supposedly building up tension, but I found it drawn out and almost laughable at times. (Sorry - blunt, but true.) And the ending? Let's just say that I would have reacted differently ...

Anyway, I'm pleased to have achieved another goal and will be tracking my release to see where it ends up. As I arrived back in Wellington tonight (in the rain, again!), I noticed that my book is no longer where I left it this morning, so hopefully it's on its way!


Kelly said...

It was a rather dreary day here in Hammytown :( Hope you managed to enjoy yourself anyway and not work too hard.

I've released 3 books "into the wild" but sadly none of them have found new owners who have logged into bookcrossing to let the world know about their journey :( I hope you have more luck - let us know how it goes!

tlm said...

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!! Do you know my uncle?? I am not sure things will come knocking at my door with this economy, but I am confident something will happen!

tlm said... don't know my uncle. He lives in Hamilton, NZ. But I see you were just there working. Small world, anyway.

Latharia said...

I've been a member of bookcrossing for several years. I would say about 10% of the books I release actually get tagged! But I still do it! :) Look me up and "friend" me! :D

Sab said...

I've never heard of bookcrossing! Interesting!