Tuesday, 22 July 2008

New acquisitons

I keep all new songs on my iPod in a playlist (funnily enough, called 'new'), otherwise they get lost in the midst of my 5000ish other songs and I don't listen to them much. I collect songs from random sources and for all sorts of reasons, and not necessarily because they are new releases or songs I especially love.

I listened to my 'new' playlist today and was surprised at some of the songs I've acquired recently. So here are my fifteen newest and a quick blurb about each.
  1. Young Hearts, Run Free - Candi Staton. I heard this on the radio as I was driving last week. I love the gruntier Kym Mazelle version from Romeo + Juliet (1996) but also enjoyed the disco roots in this original version.
  2. At Last - Etta James. I have several versions of this on my iPod but heard this one when I was watching a rerun of Pleasantville (1998) the other week. Nice.
  3. Only the Lonely - The Motels. Again, I think this one was on the radio while I was driving. I absolutely love The Motels's Total Control. This one doesn't quite measure up the same.
  4. I Can't Get Next To You - The Temptations. I was watching some cheesy American game show and realised that I didn't know the lyrics for this song at all. While I love The Temptations, the structure of this song is really just a repeat of Cloud 9.
  5. I'm In the Mood for Dancing - The Nolan Sisters. I'd never heard of this and I'm proud to say it. It was a question at our music quiz this week, and my team mates looked at me for the answer (as it's a really cheesy disco song, therefore I should know it) but I drew a blank! Another guy in the team knew the song and artist and we'll never let him forget it.
  6. Mercy - Duffy. This one's on the radio quite a bit at the mo. Not entirely sure what it is that appeals to me about it yet. Might check out Duffy's album, Rockferry.
  7. Small Town - John Mellencamp. This man is coming to town soon and this song was one on the radio ad. I'm not going to the concert, but realised I didn't have Small Town in my collection (yet).
  8. Rhythm is a Dancer - Snap. This was another song from the music quiz, but we couldn't remember the artist's name. (We guessed Black Box; I'm not sure why.) It was our only answer incorrect in a round of 10, giving us a score of 19/20. Due to a programming oversight ;-) it was also the first song of the next round. We weren't going to get it wrong a second time!
  9. All the Love in the World - Dionne Warwick. I'd been trying to download this song for a while but it always timed out. Very Barry Gibb in style, it wasn't as good as I'd remembered it to be.
  10. Piece of my Heart - Duffy. Thought I'd get this at the same time as Mercy. I absolutely love the Janis Joplin version, and this one is very similar.
  11. Across the Universe - Fiona Apple. Another one from Pleasantville with great treatment of the melody. I really like Apple's voice, although I still find her album When the Pawn... (1998) to be incredibly dark.
  12. Dance, Little Lady, Dance - Tina Charles. Yet another cheesy number from the music quiz that the same person (not me) got right. He'll never live this down.
  13. Could It Be I'm Falling in Love - The Spinners. Very 70s R&B/disco, it also came from said American game show and I realised I didn't know it very well.
  14. Don't Give Up On Us Baby - David Soul. No idea why I got this one. Might have heard it on the radio at some stage and downloaded it in a moment of weakness. Forgive me?
  15. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson. This song screams of nostalgia from my childhood (my dad's a muso and my mum was a groupie) and I just wanted it.

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Kelly said...

I am a manic Duffy fan and highly recommend the album!!! I think she makes Amy Winehouse (who I do like btw) look like a talentless crackwhore in comparision.

I also think it is so hilarious that the tabloids in Britain are trying to create a story that Duffy is Tom Jones' love child - just because they both have big voices and come from Wales - it's not that small a place ya know!