Sunday, 6 July 2008

Advisory groups and committees

Things are getting serious at work now; our office administrator sent out an email the other week asking for details of all the advisory groups, committees, schools, forums, companies etc that staff have a current role with or be a part of. A few examples of one person's roles were given:
  • President, NZ Branch, Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)
  • Member Tertiary Consultancy Group
  • Member, Canterbury School Chairs’ Forum
Everyone was required to respond by 5pm Friday and reminders would be sent out on Thursday to those who haven't yet collated their lists. Replies were required, even if it was to say that staff weren't members of any groups. Well, this couldn't just go unanswered! I set to work on my list:
  • C*** Wellington Coffee Club co-chair and talent/venue scout
  • SPRWJ (Society for the Protection of the Right to Work in your Jamies) advocate
  • Member, C*** Facebook Scrabulous/Word Games Addicts' Anonymous
  • Member, Koru Lounge Crashers Club
I could have gone on, but I figured this was as good a list as any, and I certainly got a few laughs out of it as it was distributed throughout the company.

So, what groups are you a member of, and which positions do you hold? ;-)

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