Saturday, 5 July 2008

Strike Elemental

STRIKE Percussion are back, and this time with a new show at Downstage Theatre in Wellington. STRIKE are New Zealand's answer to Stomp (whom I have also seen and loved), although they have a different approach to their work. Their shows involve heaps of energy, variety, comedy, and true drumming skill. Last year's show, In the Cube, was all that.

STRIKE - In the Cube

And now they have a new show. We went to see STRIKE Elemental last night. Again, high energy and wonderful rhythms, but this time with the added elements of fire and water. Highlights included an opening piece, "Territory", featuring flaming mallets (great crowd pleasers); "Tubes", drawing on Balinese interlocking techniques with the performers playing on metal tubes of varying lengths; "Water Sketches", where the name says it all; "Igniter", with some seriously cool fire guns and spray bottles of methylated spirits; and "Drumflip", where the boys proved they could flip out and move their bodies as well as their wrists.

It was great to hear some compositions by Gareth Farr, including recent works and a piece commissioned in 2003 ("Pukul"), as well as pieces written by the guys themselves. I'm eager to see what STRIKE come up with next.

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