Friday, 4 July 2008


This morning, there was a nationwide protest from the country's truckies who objected to a sudden rise in road user charges, despite government promises to not do so without further discussion. I won't go into details, but it's had a lot of airtime in NZ's media this week.

And so the details of the protest unfolded. Truckies planned to block the major cities' highways and town centres by driving in convoy from sunrise. Delays were expected and commuters were advised to leave their cars at home or travel out of peak times. Mayhem was on the way!

Pics, details, and comments about what actually happened can be found here. This is what the Wellington motorway coming into town (in the right lane) looked like this morning. [Yes, we're lucky to have a picturesque motorway along the waterfront. Yes, we realise this doesn't look like congestion to anyone living overseas, but believe me when I say that for us it's quite a lot of traffic, especially at the pace that it's moving.] Sympathetic commuters were supportive and not too bothered. Hopefully, some positive action will result from it.

I can't help wonder whether these truckies were singing CW McCall's Convoy as they drove into town. A tiny change in the lyrics and we're all set:
Cause we gotta mighty convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta mighty convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?

Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way

We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the motorway

Convoy... Convoy...
Go truckies!

Photo by Rob Kitchin/Dominion Post
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Kelly said...

I think that the protest was an awesome way to get their message to the govt. My only concern was if emergency services had been needed into the centre of Auckland for example, that someone potentially could have died because of them not being able to get through. Thankfully that didn't happen.