Monday, 14 July 2008


My work team are in town for a three-day team meeting. This time everyone has come to Wellington, instead of us invading head office in Christchurch.

Nine of us had lunch at the fabulous Word of Mouth in Molesworth St, Thorndon. Their fresh salad pick 'n' mix selection and light meals sees people queueing out the door for lunch and also do yummy catering. I used to work just up the road from here. We had a tradition called loser salad. What is a loser salad? It's when you pick a salad to take away and have it for dinner while sitting on your own in front of the TV. Sounds harsh; I suppose it is, really. However, if you have your salad with someone else, it's definitely not loser salad. Just in case you were wondering what the difference was.

Dinner was at Nicolini's, which is good Italian food in Courtenay Place. Our meals were delicious and we went away feel really full after sharing garlic and pesto breads before a main course. Dessert looked incredibly tempting; the appetites were willing, but the tummies were full. The biggest problem with Nicolini's is the noise; we had to shout at each other over loud music and the owner telling off his staff. I'll be back at some stage, just hopefully for a more 'peaceful' dinner.


ArleneWKW said...

"Loser salad" does sound harsh. I'd probably try the place if I didn't live here in California 3000+ miles away. I'd rather read "loser salad" on the menu than hear a boss yelling at his (or her) workers.

Thanks for your comment on my photo blog. (Most of what I write is in my other 2 blogs.)

Sarah J said...

Thanks for the comment! It's funny because as I was compiling this list I was looking around at the other lists, you know just to get a few more ideas. It's really kind of hard to come up with 101 tasks. Anyways, I came across your profile and thought that you had a lot of really original ideas. So well done you!

Latharia said...


Now, I'll have to go look for your list.