Sunday, 13 July 2008

Great India

We went to Great India in Manners Street for dinner tonight with friends of ours. Long recognised as the best Indian food in Wellington, the food and service at Great India is seen as a cut above the usual restaurants in town.

Reviews for Great India are generally positive, and deservedly so. The dinner menu offers a good range of dishes. We enjoyed the lamb samosa and tandoori chicken for our entrée; it had a nice bite to it. For our mains, we shared butter chicken, saag gosh, chicken madras, and palak paneer (which had quite a rubbery texture but tasted ok). Generally, an enjoyable meal to share with friends. There's a 25% discount with the Entertainment Book Gold Card, which is good as the price tends to creep up here.

Some things to be aware of:
  • Corkage is charged at $2.50 per person, and not per bottle, so make sure you point out if not everyone in your group is drinking.
  • Rice is charged separately to the meal at $3.50 a portion. We found this to be quite excessive.
  • One bill per table is strictly enforced. This is usually ok for couples or small groups, but can work out to be awkward for larger groups for whom it's more convenient to pay separately.

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Ali said...

Hmm, I haven't had Indian food in a long time, now I'm getting hungry