Sunday, 20 July 2008

Petone Winter Carnival

The Petone Winter Carnival was on today, after being postponed yesterday due to bad weather. I didn't make it down to the foreshore during the day, but could hear drumming and carnival noise during the afternoon. We went to watch the fireworks tonight, as the foreshore is only half a block away from here. They were set off from the Petone Jetty and could be seen across the harbour. They were so pwetty!

The Pelorus Trust sponsors fireshows a couple of times a year and everyone heads down to the waterfront to enjoy them. Tonight's show was 15 minutes long and supposedly simulcast on a radio station, but the music finished a couple of minutes before the big finale ... never mind, the big bangs announced the end of the show instead.

I absolutely love fireworks. Roll on Guy Fawkes Day! :-)

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