Sunday, 3 August 2008

Buy a Lotto ticket

I put this goal on my list to shut my sweetie up: goal #58 - buy a Lotto ticket. I know that sounds harsh, but it needed to be done. ;-)

Every Saturday, he says "got to get my Lotto ticket", and we trek out to a Lotto shop so he can buy a few lines with his set numbers. Recently, he's converted to playing Lotto online (oh, help us!). His standard answer to me saying "I can't afford ..." is, "you should have bought a Lotto ticket". Whatever!

I'm not a gambler in any way, shape or form. Sure, I want to go to Vegas and ogle the obscene amounts of money zooming around the miles of neon, and to see an all-night Elvis-impersonator wedding (at midnight), but it's for pure entertainment value. The lure of gambling simply doesn't interest me.

I figured that if I was going to concede and buy a ticket, it might as well be on a jackpot night. Last night, Lotto turned 21. (Geez, I remember the very first draw when I was a child - that's showing my age!) So, yesterday, I handed over $6 for a lucky dip.

And what did I win? Absolutely sweet &*$% all. As I expected. But now my sweetie can't chide me for never buying a ticket, although he has mentioned something about it being a 'practice run'. I did it, though, and that's another goal ticked off.

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Kelly said...

I don't gamble either although I will occasionally buy a scratchie ticket if I have any spare change...and then curse myself for doing so next time I go to the parking metre.

My grandmother was an avid scratchie ticket buyer and struck it big several times - once with 25k and a second time (how is that fair?!) with 7k.