Monday, 4 August 2008

Surfing on a raining day

Work has been quite excessive and reasonably stressful lately, with a quite few late nights and long hours in the weekend. Make no mistake: working from home is great, but you need to be incredibly disciplined - and not to keep yourself on-task, but to make sure you actually stop and take a break, because work is always waiting where your laptop is ...

I decided to stop early today after getting a reasonably big project off the ground. I saw a break in the weather, and planned a short trek around the corner for coffee ... but, of course, by the time I'd got my coat and bag it had started raining again. Oh well, that's what umbrellas are for. :-)

So I sat at a café, sipping a long black, and reading yesterday's Sunday magazine from the Sunday Star-Times. Trashy indulgence, and very 'Auckland' by nature; it always amuses me to be reminded of how different my life is to what they think mainstream NZ is. In it, I came across a few blogs and websites to look up and thought I'd share them.
  • I Love Typography. This site is strangely fascinating. I wish more people understood the nuances of serif and sans serif fonts and when to use them. Part of my job involves web design (at a low-ish level) and I constantly have to battle those who don't have an ounce of design-savvy about them.
  • Dr Demartini. This guy is high on life and the money he can make from 'inspiring' the lives of others; he's probably the kind you'd love or hate depending on your mood. I'm pretty neutral today, but can imagine days when he'd annoy the h*ll out of me.
  • The Cupcake Project. Now, how's that for a title? With a byline of: Everyone has creativity inside them. Share yours by drawing a cupcake and adding it to The Cupcake Project ... well, how about going one better and actually baking a cupcake or 12? Yum.
  • Tempt. For cupcakes you can actually eat, although they're so pretty and indulgent that you might not want to ...
What are some sites you've come across recently, 'just because'?


Arual said...

Hi! Thanks for checking out my list. I look forward to following your progress too.
6 sites I came across by accident that I now love are: (even though I don't live in that city, I love this site) (where I keep myself motivated these days!)

Café Chick said...

Hello Arual
Thanks for sharing some sites. I now have a new recipe for soufflé from Bakerella, and those edible arrangements are absolutely stunning! Maybe I'll manage to get my creative juices rolling one day and make something like this for a friend.

*ideas running around and growing inside Café Chick's head*

S said...

I recently came across these two sites that I really enjoy.