Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tales from a landlord

And now for an episode from Tales from a Landlord ...

Over the weekend, a washing machine in an upstairs flat decided to overflow and leak through to the downstairs flat. Imagining scenes from Noah's Ark, I was relieved to see that the damage was relatively minor, but the washing machine was dead. A quick online/phone order and the new one would be delivered to the flat on Thursday. The news got even better - the tenant wanted to be home for the delivery, saving me taking a half-day's leave to meet the installers. Great!

ETA: 1-1:30 pm.
Time of distressed phone call from tenant: 2:40 pm.
Time of repeat call from tenant to report installation complete: 3:30 pm.

What actually happened? The installers had originally gone to an address in Lower Hutt, instead of Mt Victoria in Wellington (15km difference), but the appliance store was insistent that it had now been delivered. Apparently some guy called Andy (correct name) had signed for the washing machine and it was installed ... turns out that "some guy called Andy" was actually at the backpackers' next door to my flat, signed for a random washing machine delivery, somehow found a space with pipes and wiring to be installed, and accepted a free washing machine, without question!!

A bottle of wine and a packet of Minties ("it's moments like these") is now on its way to my lovely tenant.

Two videos come to mind:

Yup, "it's moments like these you need Minties".


popmarta said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for the comment you left about my list.
I came to "spy" yours and it is a great list too :-)
Your blog also seems to be very interesting but i have to confess that, as i am at work now, i had no time to read it more deeply.
But it is already in my favourites and i will return when i have more time.
Have a great day.
Big kiss from Portugal, Marta

Sab said...

Wow... that is rediculous! Hopefully everything worked out alright. That mix up should not have happened!

Kelly said...

How nice of the guy next door to acquire your washing machine!!! Talk about opportunism!

And your whole debacle made me remember why I love being a tenant (low responsibility) and would loathe being a landlord.

Glad it all got sorted for you though Ms Cafe Chick!

Latharia said...

That is just too bizarre, but I'm glad it worked out!