Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Life after Scrabulous

Ok, so today's title might be a bit optimistic; I'm not entirely sure there can be a meaningful life after Scrabulous, but I'm sure as heck trying to fill the void that its removal from Facebook has now created. We knew for some time that it might be taken away, and we had a huge scare a while back when it disappeared for nearly a day, but this time I fear that it truly is the end.

Scrabulous quickly found its way into the hearts of many, and it's no surprise it became Facebook's most popular game application, giving fellow addicts their fix of word puzzles whenever they felt the urge to create a word or two. The message boards are frantic but, sadly, there is no real substitute for it. Try as they might to con us into playing WordScraper or the silly version of live Scrabble (which hardly ever loads properly, by the way), they don't measure up. I now have to make do with short, sharp bursts of word puzzles each night now via Scramble and Word Twist, but it's not the same, it's not the same, I tell you!

Some tributes from the floor ...
  • Facebook friend #1: "... is sad they took Scrabulous away."
  • Facebook friend #2: "... is missing Scrabulous!!"
  • Facebook friend #3: "... freaked because Scrabulous isn't here!!"
  • Facebook friend #4: "I have no reason to log into Facebook any more."
  • Sister-in-law: "what will we do now?"
Yes, indeed; what will we do now?

RIP, Scrabulous.
You were a friend to many and will always be fondly remembered.
We hope so see you again soon, minus the lawsuit.


Kelly said...

Never fear! All is not lost: http://www.scrabulous.com

Café Chick said...

It's still not the same ... I guess I had just better get over it and get used to playing online in a different space. Thanks! :-Z

Arual said...

I miss scrabulous too. Scrabble loads for me, but there is no dictionary, the format is different and frankly, I just don't like it. Is it because I hate change? Maybe.
And if there is a dictionary can some one tell me where?

Sab said...

Sad to say, I never started. I was invited, but afraid of a new addiction, I politely declined.