Monday, 18 August 2008

Irrational fears ...

"... I've had a few,
But then again, too few to mention ..."
Apparently I have some irrational fears. Of course, to me they are entirely rational, but to others they are questionable or just ridiculous. I don't mind mice; spiders and bugs aren't my favourite, but they don't send me into a panic. We're not talking about full-blown phobias here - just things I don't like.

I was reading this post about the fear of biscuits, and realised I'd found a kindred soul. It would seem that, for several people, a fear of biscuits is quite rational, or at least more common than you would think. Personally, biscuits or the tins that dough comes in don't scare me at all (aren't I brave!); it's just the fact that others have equally ridiculous irrational fears that made me smile. My sweetie thinks I'm a total wuss and often laughs at me about these fears; he doesn't realise how big and scary things can be.

Here are a few I can think of at the moment - who knows, the list may grow. I'd post pictures here, but that would set me off. :-P
  • Spiderman. It's just not natural to climb buildings like that. I know I'm not supposed to be afraid of superheroes, and that he could save my life one day, but I am. The shape of his face, and the fact he's covered with spider webs, doesn't help either.
  • Dr Who. I don't know why. It's not the tardis - I didn't even remember what that was when I was a kid. My brother and I would watch it in black and white at our grandmother's house on Sunday nights (there was only a choice of two channels then). Tom Baker as Dr Who was incredibly freaky, and now even the music (yes, even from the new series) is enough to scare me.
  • TV hospital dramas. ER, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Hope - anything except Scrubs. I've missed out on being part of popular culture because I don't like body bits that are where they shouldn't be (ie insides on the outside - freaky). Even the beeps and suction noises from a fake operation ... gross. The one episode of Grey's Anatomy that I genuinely tried to watch to "appreciate the storyline" involved someone performing an impromptu operation on a fishing wharf and had to open up a guy's stomach. I couldn't watch. So, alas, I've missed out on these conversation starters.
  • Body piercings anywhere other than earlobes, and even there, only one in each ear. The same goes for things that you put into bits of your skin/body parts to stretch or morph them. Yuck.
  • Tattoos. I don't mind looking at them (some of them) once they are complete, but the thought of getting one totally grosses me out. Even the buzzing sound of the tattoo thingie freaks me out.
So, what are your irrational fears? And who hassles you about them?


Nisha said...

i remember watching some talk show where one girl was deathly afraid of pickles and they brought out a plate and she freaked out and ran backstage. it was so weird! here are a few of mine:

1) roaches and other flying insects. i don't like seeing bug anatomy nor the unpredictability of flying insects.
2) i don't like when there's a risk of falling, but i don't have a fear of heights. for ex, if i or someone i see is close to a ledge or has a chance of falling, my legs get this tingly feeling. i'm perfectly fine with it if someone's secured somehow.
3) i can't file my nails with a metal file without getting chills and i can only go in 2-3 second increments. i get a similar feeling at the dentist when they're using a drill. oof, not fun. :(
4) not so much anymore, but for a long time, i was afraid of looking at a mirror in the dark with the fear that i'd see something/someone moving. some experience i had when i was a kid stuck with me for too long.

that's all i can think of right now!

Kelly said...

I am scared you will laugh but I will reveal anyway; I am terrified of chickens, ducks, geese, swans, pigeons - basically anything larger than a common sparrow - unless it is roasted and served with veges and a nice gravy.

Seriously though, I get incredibly stressed in their vicinity, heart racing, sweats, teary, anxious/crazy. They have evil beady little eyes and razor sharp beaks that you just know they want to impale you on.

My family think my fear stems from my childhood when my parents made it my job to feed the chooks and collect their eggs. This resulted in being swamped by greedy chooks wanting to get at their tucker and me employing the chuck and run technique. Collecting the eggs meant going into the dark roosting and egg box area and I was terrified of the dark for a long time. Add in a clucky hen who refused to get off the nest and you have my idea of hell.

Most other things (bugs, spiders, mice) I am fine with though!

Arual said...

I completely feel Nisha's #2 fear. that's how I am too. I can go on rollercoasters and other amusement park rides that are super high in the air (as long as I am strapped in), but if I step on a step-stool I get this feeling like I am going to fall and freeze up and my legs get shaky!

kristin said...

Scary movies...horror flicks...anything to do with "the living dead"...or vampires, mummies, werewolves, etc...from the time I was a kid, all the way thru to the present day ("adulthood", at almost 51), I have never been able to "handle" scary movies. As a teenager, when my friends would ask me to go to the movies to see a horror movie, I would always decline. (In fact, just THINKING about going would make my breathing change & quicken.) When I tell someone this, they often just look at me like I am ridiculous...not able to understand why I can't "appreciate" a violent, bloody, "slasher" movie...(this is recreation?) To them, this is "irrational". To me, it's the way it's always been...& it makes perfect sense to me. My ex-fiance' thought this was absurd, and convinced me (after several attempts) to sit down & watch "The Shining" with him....I sreamed & cried, shivered/shook, and was pretty freaked out, even into the next day. He felt pretty bad about "begging" me to watch it, and never asked me again. (Maybe this is part of why he is now my "ex".) My "rational" side realizes that this is just "make-believe", but my "other side" can't handle it...& doesn't want to even try! My current fiance' feels EXACTLY as I do, and when something like this comes on TV, we mutually agree, without hesitation, to switch channels. I am so grateful (& relieved) that we have this in common.

I came across your blog, via a recommendation from another blog (which I can't recall the name of right now), and have enjoyed the visit! am hoping to drop in again, soon.

In the meantime, blessings to you and yours!

Café Chick said...

It seems that I am, indeed, not alone. Thanks, everyone for sharing ... I'll add more as/if I think of them. I nodded in agreement as I read about Nisha's metal nail file (I can't file my nails or pluck things, euw).

I must say that I'm not thrilled at the idea of going on a roller coaster with my sweetie when we go on holiday in November, which I technically haven't agreed to, but he seems to have plans for ...!

Sab said...

Ooh... my greatest fears are anything that have to do with needles. Yes, piercings (except one in each ear) and tattoos included. I hate blood tests... get woozy thinking about them (but I still go), and the idea of having my wisdom tooth removed freaks me out too. Surgery, knives in general (unless I'm using it to chop veggies). Oh, and I agree with Nisha's #2 fear too! And I also cant stand those medical emergency type shows... the innards freak me out! Yup... I also turn away (that and horror movies... give me a chick flick, drama, or comedy anyday. Or a good cartoon is nice).

By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog, and I wish to pass this "I love your blog" award to you! So here it is: Clicky.