Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Chocolate - the world's most perfect food

Two things I love:
  • baking
  • chocolate
OK, so there are more than two things that I love, but that's where I'm starting from today. ;-)

Last week, for my birthday, I was given two gorgeous recipe books for sweet treats. 500 chocolate delights came from my brother and sister-in-law (who have method in their madness in that they hope I'll 'experiment' with them), and a work friend gave me a book on cupcakes. Perfect for goal #64 - Bake and decorate cupcakes!

Now, this brings me to contemplate and revisit my theory that chocolate is the world's most perfect food. Here's why:
  • You can eat or drink chocolate.
  • You can have chocolate hot or cold.
  • You can have chocolate on its own, or with something else.
  • You can cook with chocolate. Heck, sometimes you can even put it in what you are cooking!
  • Chocolate smells as good as it tastes. Mmmmm.
  • Chocolate comes in every shade - light, medium and dark, sure to suit everyone's taste and also match the décor.
  • Chocolate can be eaten (or drunk) with every meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and all those moments in between. (OK, breakfast might be pushing it a little, but it's possible.)
  • Chocolate comes in endless flavours - if you can imagine it, I'm sure someone somewhere will have produced it. (Experiment at your own peril.)
  • Chocolate is the new black. Well that's what it says on the chocolate bar I got with my cookbook.
  • Chocolate has health benefits - it really and truly does! I forget exactly what they are, but I'm sure it's all good. And as for the cynics that say chocolate makes you fat and zitty? Well, duh, as with anything, too much chocolate isn't good for you, just like too much water can drown you. But we all still drink water, right?
Heck, who needs a reason or an excuse to eat chocolate, really? This list starts by saying that chocolate is a vegetable, and we all know we need more vegetables in our diet. It's no secret; chocolate is the world's most perfect food.

Chocolate lovers, unite!


Sherry said...

Re: 101 Things Weekly Digests

Absolutely! I use the draft functionality of blogger to set up the weekly digest at the beginning of the week, update it as the week unfolds, then post at the end of the week.

S said...

I completely agree! I'm going to have to check out those cupcake books. One of the things on my list is to bake more cupcakes!

Chris said...

Thank you so much for your comment! Buying a home is not a simple task, so I don't knwo if I will beat you to it, I have it as a very long term goal. It will hopefully be done before my deadline! Best of luck to you and your goals!

Nisha said...

thank you for your comment!! i think cupcakes are one of the best forms of dessert! the perfect portion and decorating ideas are endless. your list looks very thorough with a nice mix of large and small tasks - wish you the best of luck!! :)

Mommy the Maid said...

I love cupcakes. They hold a very special place in my heart lol. I love your #22. Feed duckies. I need to take my girls to do that.

As for the biscuit thing, I going to my blog right now to explain :D