Friday, 15 August 2008

BJ McKay and others

I was reading this blog post today, and my mind quickly sailed away to happy land ... :-)

Television is easy to get sucked into. The site boasts an archive of 7,028 theme songs and a promise that if you can't find a theme song, you can email the creator and he will try to get it for you.

So where does one start? I already have some of my favourite TV theme songs on my iPod, and a few for nostalgic value, but what would really challenge a site like this? Well, for starters, I found BJ and the Bear. I remember absolutely nothing about the programme, except one line from the theme ("BJ McKay and his best friend, the bear"). It's been kind of frustrating all these years. I also found "Curious George, the curious little monkey", The Littlest Hobo (boring programme, but I still remember the dog), and countless others.

Enter this site at your own peril. For some reason, I spent a good half hour on a Friday night reliving my childhood with 1980s children's TV themes (none from NZ, but not sure it's worth emailing him). And then I got sidetracked by typing in the names of random, old-time shows ... my sweetie was really quick at recognising themes that I vaguely remembered. We had a go at the quiz.

Here are some themes we listened to:
  • Falcon Crest. I was 8 and in hospital with suspected appendicitis, just before the start of the Los Angeles Olympics (go on, now you can work out how old I am), and remember hearing this theme on tv at night while I was stuck in the children's ward.
  • 21 Jump Street. This was the coolest, and made us first fall in love with Johnny Depp.
  • Hill Street Blues. I was so thrilled when I learned how to play this on the piano.
  • CHiPs. Who can forget Ponch and John wearing those tight little pants?
  • Happy Days. Such happy, happy days.
  • Mister Ed. TVNZ played repeats of early 1960s programmes to celebrate 25 years of television in New Zealand in 1985.
  • Bewitched. For years, we tried to wriggle our noses in just the right way.
  • The Greatest American Hero. My brother and I would run across the floor from the dining room to the kitchen, ripping off our pyjama tops, and trying to fly. We didn't get far.


Kelly said...

Oh you come across the coolest sites!
Having just got over my obsession with "Songfacts" I think I have a new one now.

I am so glad to find someone else who loved Greatest American Hero as a kid - I downloaded that song about 7years ago and screech along with it quite often.

*now has it stuck in her head*

Arual said...

I am sad that you think the littlest hobo was a boring program. I loved that show growing up and you can still catch it on Sundays here. The littlest hobo was way cooler than Lassie for sure ;)
Go CANADA!!!! :)

Thanks for introducing me to the site. I love television theme songs.

Nisha said...

21 jump street!! oh man... i'm going to be spending all day on this site! :)