Saturday, 23 August 2008

Waffles for breakfast

This goal was purely for enjoyment and self-indulgent. I haven't eaten proper, fluffy waffles (except one from a street carnival earlier this year) in a looooong time. They're not so common here in New Zealand, and my American friends lament how difficult they are to come by (along with good waffle makers), so I wanted to make a point of having them for breakfast or brunch one day.

Last weekend, we found some we could simply pop in the toaster and make at home. Yay! We imagined the finished product to look something like this picture. Unfortunately, they didn't. They were quite thin, bland, tiny, and a cheap substitute for the real thing. Oh well, no harm done - I'll just have to look out for genuine waffles on the menu whenever I go out for brunch.

So it's back to the beginning with this one. I'll call it a practice run for the real thing: goal #89 - eat waffles for breakfast/brunch.


Kelly said...

Ooooo my mum has a waffle iron. I might have to ask her to bring it with her when she comes up to visit next weekend - you've got me all a-craving!

I hope your next waffle experience is much more satisfactory than this one!

Sab said...

I like waffles, and prefer to make my own. Hubby likes to help me make them too, kind of a family moment in the kitchen. We end up freezing most of them to pop in the toaster to eat later (they are SO good with berries and ice cream as a dessert). I have a recipe for them on my cooking blog... if you want to check it out, click here.

Donna said...

I got a waffle iron for christmas a couple of years ago and haven't used it in the past couple of months. That used to be the "thing" for me and my hubby to do on Saturday mornings. I'd make waffles. You know, that sounds like a great dinner idea! I'll have to make some tonight.

I hope you have a better waffle experience in the near future! :)